Wholesale Service

Wholesale Condition Service is Welcomed

We're  Mens Fashion Wholesalers providing on-trend men's fashion clothing to online sellers, & Boutiques across Africa, Australia, Europe, Middle East, & USA.

Our latest collections include skinny jeans,skinny chinos,short pants,flared pants,cargo pants,jogger pants,slim fit jeans,T-shirt,windbreaker,demin jacket,tracksuit,beachwear inspired by fashion divas around the world.

We offer global wholsale and dropshipping business.The more you buy, the cheaper you will get.

If there is stock in our warehouse, we will ship immediately after receiving your payment, and give you a tracking number.

If not in stock, it will take 3-4 weeks to produce the mass products.

Please contact us for the latest product catalogs and stock list before placing an order.

To shop and view our Wholesale pack prices, you can contact us via Facebook/Instagram/WhatsApp/Email.

Name: Annie
WhatsApp:+86 155 5954 0943