Q: How to wash?

A: Do not soak for a long time,machine washable,we recommended to wash separately from light color items 


Q: Will the black fade after wash?

A: yes, it will slight faded. so please don't wash with light color clothes for first time.


Q: I wear a 32 so should I get a size higher?

A: Hi,please take your size according to your waistline.if you wear 32,then please take size 32.


Q: How big is the leg opening of the jeans?

A: hi, the leg opening is 10cm(size 28),11cm(size 30), 12cm(size 32), 13cm(size 34), 14cm(size 36) 


Q: Is this fit tight ? or strechabble ? meaning can i move freely in it ?

A: They are stretched and you can move very well in them.


Q: Which size should i get if I am 6:3 186 pounds?, most of my jeans are 32 34.

A: hi, you might take size 32. our inseam is 30inch. 


Q: I wear a 34x30 what is the length of the jeans?

A: hi, the length of the jeans is 103cm, inseam 30.5 inch, if you are over 190cm, then it might be short for you. 


Q: I wear 34 what size should i get

A: hi, please take size 34 according to your waist size, skinny fit and feel with no distression.


Q: I need 28x32 I have a feeling none these will fit well enough. Should I just pass?

A: I would recommend size 30.