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by JeansGingtto 29 Nov 2023
Gingtto is a professional clothing R&D, production, sales, and service enterprise established in 2007. We have abundant resources, advanced equipment, excellent development teams, and technical personnel. At Gingtto, you can get the best quality pants , as we only use high-end custom fabrics and accessories from top brands such as YKK, and our pants have up to 20% more elasticity compared to other pants in the market. With a monthly sales volume of over 100,000 pieces and a repeat purchase rate of up to 60%, we guarantee 100% quality inspection on all bulk orders to ensure that we provide customers with the most advantageous quality.
We currently produce a wide range of men's clothing, including jeans, chinos, slim-fit pants, cargo pants, flared pants, shorts, swimsuits, and sets, to meet all of your fashion needs. Our company provides various business models, such as private customization, one-piece dropshipping, and wholesale services. With our private customization service, customers can personalize their orders according to their desired colors, fabrics, and styles. Our one-piece dropshipping service enables customers to save time and reduce inventory costs by outsourcing their order fulfillment needs to our team, who will directly ship the products to their customers on their behalf. For high-volume orders or retail stores, our wholesale services provide discounted prices while maintaining the same high-quality standards.
Whatsapp : +86 155 5954 0943         Instagram: gingtto_official1                      
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