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Do you know how men’s jeans should fit?

by JeansGingtto 10 May 2024

Wearing properly fitted jeans can instill confidence, sophistication, and a sense of style in a man. However, ill-fitting pants can significantly detract from your overall appearance, leaving you looking disheveled. In this article, we’ll delve into the importance of finding the right fit for men’s jeans and offer guidance on selecting the perfect pair for you.

men's jeans

When it comes to shopping for tops or bottoms, the most common mistake many of us make is opting for sizes that are too big. Through extensive observation, we’ve noticed that most men shy away from snug-fitting clothes, fearing discomfort. Consequently, they tend to gravitate towards oversized garments to avoid feeling constrained.

But why does this approach backfire? Because oversized clothing obscures your body’s natural contours, making your legs appear bulkier than they actually are – a less than flattering look, to say the least. Instead of prioritizing looseness, it’s crucial to prioritize fit.

Clothes and pants that really fit you will feel more comfortable and be more practical. When clothes, pants fit your body, it's easier to move, isn't it? Our range of stretch jeans offer plenty of comfort, whether you're traveling around the city or lounging at home. 

Imagine trying to run in boots two sizes too big – it’s neither efficient nor comfortable. Similarly, oversized clothing can result in unsightly wrinkles and bunching, detracting from your appearance.

I avoid using terms like “skinny fit” or “tight” as they can come across as unfriendly or offensive. Instead, I prefer “fit” or “tailor-made” to convey the idea that well-fitting clothes, pants, and shoes feel great when worn.

When it comes to jeans, there are some key principles to keep in mind. If you need a belt to keep your jeans in place, they’re too big. On the other hand, if you can clearly trace the outline of your legs and hips, they’re too tight – unless, of course, you’re a fitness enthusiast keen on flaunting your hard-earned physique.

Many of my friends struggle to find jeans that fit well, and it often boils down to selecting the wrong size. They either opt for sizes that are too large or too small, resulting in a baggy or overly tight fit.

Men's Denim Model

Here’s a breakdown of the different fits to guide your jeans shopping experience:

  • Skinny Fit: Ideal for men with slim thighs and calves, true skinny jeans are tailored for those with legs resembling pencils – straight and slender.

  • Tapered Cut: Suited for men with some muscle in the thighs and hips but smaller calves, the tapered cut offers a gradually narrowing silhouette.

  • Straight Fit: Suitable for the average Joe with evenly distributed muscle mass throughout the body.

  • Athletic Cut: A newer style featuring a tapered fit with more room in the thigh and hip area, making it perfect for muscular men or those with thicker thighs.

  • Relaxed Cut: A more generous cut reminiscent of the old-school sporty style, offering ample room without excessive tapering.

In conclusion, it’s essential to find jeans that fit you well. While size labels like “skinny” or “straight” are a good starting point, don’t hesitate to experiment to find your perfect fit. And remember, these principles can be applied to any type of pants, including chino pants.

Here’s a final piece of advice from Gingtto:

When shopping, determine your size and select a pair of jeans one size larger and one size smaller. This will streamline your fitting process and save you time in the dressing room.

The same approach can be applied to online shopping, but be sure to review the return policy beforehand.(As a reminder, many online stores do not accept returns on sale items, so I don’t recommend doing this with sale items.)

We hope these tips on how to find the right fit for men’s jeans prove helpful. Happy shopping!

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