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What is a chino pant? Latest introduction in 2024

by JeansGingtto 27 Apr 2024

I believe that most men have various types of pants in their wardrobes, and chino pants must be among them. Because they are very versatile pants that combine modern style with multiple functions. So what is a chino pant? Chinos are a type of trousers woven using a twill texture, usually made of cotton. The twill texture is a staggered weave that gives the fabric a diagonal texture, which adds a special look and feel to the pants. Chinos are generally stronger and more durable than ordinary cotton pants, and they are also more textured and fashionable, so they are more popular in the fashion world and on casual occasions.

The history of chino pants

The history of chino pants

Chinos originated during the Spanish-American War in the 19th century. The fighting took place in the Philippines, which was relatively close to mainland Asia. The pants themselves are made in China, with the name "chino" derived from the country's Spanish name. This style uses less fabric because it’s slimmer and has no wrinkles, and they don’t have the “bells and whistles” of other garments—no big pockets, etc. Over a hundred years later, these pants remain a popular men's style trend and retain many of the same characteristics as those used in the 19th century.

Types of chino pants

Types of chino pants

There are so many different varieties of chinos to choose from, whether in-store or online, that it can be difficult to decide which type is right for you. To help you make your decision easier, Gingtto lists the types of chinos.

There are four main types of khaki pants: regular fit, slim fit, relaxed fit, and extra-skinny fit. Regular fit chinos are cut straight from waist to ankle, providing plenty of room throughout the leg but still giving a tailored look. Slim-fit chinos are slightly more fitted than a regular fit but still offer plenty of room for leg movement. Relaxed fit chinos offer more room in the legs, perfect for those days when comfort matters. Ultra-skinny chinos have a tapering leg that hugs the ankle, creating a very slim silhouette that works best when worn with boots or sneakers. No matter what type of chinos you're looking for, Gingtto has one to suit your style and body type.

Material of chino pants

Material of chino pants

Twill is typically made from cotton fibers, but its texture is more complex. It is named for its twill texture, which is produced by the way it is woven. In addition to cotton fibers, other fibers or materials may be added to enhance their properties, such as polyester or nylon for added durability or elasticity. Cotton or cotton blend fabrics are very lightweight and perfect for outdoor activities or for regulating temperature in warm weather.

How to match chino pants

Chinos are a very versatile piece of clothing that can easily be worn with a variety of styles and occasions. Gingtto gives the following matching suggestions:

1. Casual daily life: Pair it with a simple T-shirt or casual shirt, and a pair of casual shoes or sneakers. The overall look is comfortable and relaxed, suitable for daily life.

2. Business casual: Choose a plain or pinstriped shirt, and pair it with a classic belt and a pair of leather shoes or casual leather shoes. This combination maintains a formal feel while still being relaxed and comfortable.

3. Formal occasions: Pair them with a slim suit jacket, a shirt of a similar color, a belt, and a pair of leather shoes. This combination is suitable for formal business meetings or social occasions.

4. Casual sports: Pair it with a sweatshirt or hoodie and a pair of sports shoes or sports sandals, suitable for outdoor activities or light exercise.

5. Seasonal matching: Choose appropriate outerwear according to the season, such as sweaters, jackets, or coats, etc., and match them with corresponding accessories, such as scarves, hats, etc., to increase the layering and fashion of the overall look.

How to Care for Chino pants

How to Care for Chino pants

Taking care of your chinos is key to ensuring they stay in great condition and last longer. Here are some maintenance suggestions:

1. Washing precautions: Chinos can usually be machine washed, but it is best to use cold water. Avoid using bleach as this may damage the cotton fibers. Choose a mild detergent and follow the instructions on the label for washing instructions.

2. Avoid over-washing: Do not over-wash chinos as this can cause the fabric to fray and the color to fade. Unless your pants are really dirty, try to wash them less frequently.

3. Wash separately: Wash chinos separately from dark or light-colored clothing to prevent staining.

4. Avoid high-temperature drying: Try to avoid using high-temperature dryers as this may cause the pants to shrink or deform. It is best to choose low temperature or air drying.

5. Correct storage: Fold your chinos and place them in a well-ventilated place. Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight to prevent color fading and fiber damage.

6. Repair in time: If you find any wear or damage on the pants, repair them in time to prevent the problem from further expanding.

7. Turn over the pants regularly: To evenly distribute the pressure and wear on the pants, turn over the inside and outside of the pants regularly.

Now that you’ve learned so much about chino pants, it’s time to add new pants to your wardrobe!

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